Thursday, May 15, 2008

Feeling more at peace

Thanks to Zelph I leared about!! What a great site!
I felt a huge rush when I learned about that last night.
So this morning while the kids are at school and hubby at work, I can check it out further.
I felt so much peace after reading this essay:

Like the essay says, leaving the church entirely almost feels like loosing "The framework of a house." That is exactly how I have felt.
It mentions "Buffet Mormon" -I got a laugh out of that one! I guess that is what I am.......I go, and I sure don't agree with some of the doctrine but I DO believe in some things.

Anyway, feeling some peace now. I needed this today.


Jeremy said...

I've been following what Zelph has to say for a long while and I too have found myself agreeing with pretty much everything he had to say. If you are choosing to leave know that once you truly know it's okay it's a great relief and life becomes enjoyable again.

Good Luck.

Zelph said...

I am glad that you feel a little better about the situation, and I hope to see you on the New Order Mormon Board

As I frequently post on there with under the pseudonym "Joaquin"

zytines said...

Questioning -

The church seems to emphasize things in a black or white kind of way. As you find yourself confused or disillusioned, please try to not buy into that kind of black or white thinking, since you will be just as wrong thinking "black" about the church as they are for only talking about the "white".

There's a lot of good information out there, so take your time...go slowly. Make sure you go through a process that feels right for you, without rushing into anything.

I've been through what you seem to be going through and it's not fun. Be kind to yourself and your family. If you have any questions at all (especially historical, doctrinal, etc.), feel free to email me.